Friday, 16 December 2011

Gibson USA Angus Young SG

Time so for some high voltage Rock N' Roll!!!! Well, its an SG but i wonder who it belongs to....
Look closer at the inlays and its STRIKES you!! That ain't no trapezoids, those are lightning bolts similar to the ones in between the AC and the DC....

Enough crap, ladies and gentlemen, id like you to meet the Gibson USA Angus Young SG, custom built for ACDC's flamboyant lead guitarist, Angus Young. Gibson has endorsed this band for a very long time, both achieving legendary status might be a uniting factor.

Suits him id say, his style, looks and shredding ability. I mean, nothing says "I'm on a Highway to Hell!!" like those damn horns on an SG. And look at that headstock, seriously, how many guitarists actually have a cartoon deviled version of them on their headstock.

Anyways, here's proof that Angus actually uses this....

Well, you see, just like you, halfway through writing this, i just realized that there are two versions of these
One with the tremolo and one without. Here's how the one with the tremolo looks like...

Well, as usual, the specs,

Top Species:Mahogany

Head Inlay:Gibson Logo + 'Devil Signature' Decal

Scale Length:243/4"
Number Of Frets:22
Nut Width:1.625"+/-.050"
Inlays:Figured Acrylic Trapezoid
Fingerboard Binding:Single-Ply (Antique Cream)

Plating Finish:Nickel
Tailpiece:Lyre Vibrola With Angus Cover
Bridge:Gibson ABR-1
Knobs:Black Witch Hat With Silver Insert
Tuners:Grover Kluson Style Green Keys

Pickups:'57 Classic Humbucker (Neck) / Angus Young Special Pickup (Bridge)
Neck Pickups:'57 Classic
Bridge Pickups:Angus Young Special Pickup
Controls:2 Volume, 2 Tone, 3 Way Selector Switch

Case Interior:White
Case Exterior:Black
Case Silkscreen:Gibson USA Logo

Hmmmmm, what do people who own this have to say???
"It is a good match for any rocker out there. I own one other SG, but this one is my main axe. If it where stolen I would not hesatate to get a new one, except comming up with the money would be a little hard."

 "Awesome all-round guitar, will get the job done. I got a warranty on it just in case something went wrong with it and I hope that will never happen. What I said in the other paragraphs about the bridge and stuff is nothing really worth worrying about. best guitar I ever braught!"
The first version is still in production but is just extremely  expensive. Only 500 were produced or something like that.
That is all my friends...