Thursday, 15 December 2011

Gibson Slash Signature Les Paul Goldtop

Let kick start this new blog with one of my most adored guitars of all time owned and endorsed by my absolute favorite guitarist, Slash. As we all know, Slash is one of Gibson's most trusted and valuable endorsee he has been using their  Les Paul series of guitars for a very long time, even since the days of the Guns N' Roses.

Down over here, is a video of Slash performing with this beauty in Tokyo, 1992, playing the theme of the movie, The Godfather.
As for the specs,
 22 fret Rosewood Fingerboard
Unchambered solid Mahogany Body
Classic Bullion Goldtop Finish
Set Neck Construction
Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II Pickups
Tonepros Tune-o-Matic Bridge and Stopbar TailPiece
Fully Binded

As u can see, the thing that sets this guitar apart from other Les Pauls is the shiny Gold finish, which gives it its name. This guitar also doesn't have a pickguard, just the way Slash loves it. And of course, the headstock with signature Slash artwork.

Here are some serious comments taken from a third party website.

"This baby rocks so hard for just about everything, it sounds really wierdly cool in really low tunings, because of the low-output humbuckers, but I usually play Rock N' Roll, and a lot of Guns N' Roses, because it sounds just like that Slash tone on all his albums, I'm playing through an early 80's Marshall 5210 (it's solid state but kicks some cheap tube butt) 50 watt combo amp. The guitar has a nice thick, warm, but still bite-your-ass tone, those Seymour Duncans keep it under control. The cleans are nice and warm but still bright enough to keep it out of the mud. Dirty they just rip, so thick and juicy and... ahhhh... it's hard not to play this guitar at all hours of the day. The pickups can go from a close SRV tone (neck volume and tone both full, and attack hard!!! ) I use 11 gauge strings, as I believe that Les Pauls need the thick strings to help that thick sound along, and with the neck pickup at volume full, tone rolled back all the way, it's a nice November Rain-esque tone. It's VERY nice. Bridge pickup volume, tone full sounds so raw and dirty like the Appetite For Destruction tone, it KILLS! But honestly, work with it and you can get whatever sound you like."

"This was one of the first guitars to come out of the Gibson factory with the Plek'd setup, and wow. That's all I have to say. It was set up just PERFECTLY! I haven't messed with anything yet, except tuning (1/2 step down for the 11's, to keep the tension right) The action is pretty low, just low enough to play easy and not have any buzzing. The pickups are at good heights, the neck pickup is flush with the body, and the bridge pickup is up closer to the strings for more tonal difference. I think the only thing that I found to be disappointing was that there was some dirt in the corner of the neck and the neck pickup, which was really hard to clean out, but it just got dirty again, so I don't worry about it anymore"

Well enough said.
This baby goes in the US for around $3600, which is not that bad considering its wonders.
Be sure to check this guitar out at Gibson's website

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